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What are the advantages and disadvantages living in Tower mansions?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages living in Tower mansions? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind their popularity.

Excellent View

The most appealing aspect of tower mansions is undoubtedly the excellent view they provide. Unobstructed vistas stretching far into the distance, which are not attainable in detached houses or low-rise apartments, are the charm of tower mansions. However, if you reside on the lower floors of a tower mansion, fully enjoying the view might be challenging. If you choose a tower mansion with the expectation of a good view, you need to prioritize the floor level.
Some tower mansions have amenities such as gyms, restaurants, lounges, and pools located on the higher floors. In such mansions, even residents on lower floors can enjoy the view.

Good Seismic Performance

According to building regulations, as the height of a mansion increases, the building standards become stricter. Additionally, since many tower mansions have relatively new construction, their seismic standards comply with modern laws. Seismic technology is also advancing, with many tower mansions featuring not only earthquake-resistant structures but also vibration-reducing structures and seismic absorption structures.
Some people may perceive tower mansions as vulnerable to disasters like earthquakes due to their height. However, in newer tower mansions with high seismic performance, safety is significantly assured.

Abundant Shared Facilities

Tower mansions often feature well-equipped shared facilities. In addition to guest rooms, lounges, concierge services, cleaning services, gyms, bars, some mansions also have supermarkets, childcare facilities, restaurants, and more.
The maintenance of shared facilities is covered by the management fees paid by each unit. In large-scale mansions like tower mansions, the per-unit cost burden is lighter, allowing for enhanced shared facilities. Having many necessities and services covered within the premises of the mansion enhances convenience and comfort.

Enhanced Security

Generally, high-rise mansions experience fewer break-ins compared to detached houses or low-rise apartment buildings. Furthermore, tower mansions are equipped with various security systems such as keycard entry, surveillance cameras, elevators that stop only at residential floors, and on-site management staff. These mechanisms prevent unauthorized access, creating a secure living environment.

Resilience to Depreciation

Tower mansions are said to retain their asset value better compared to typical residential buildings. This is because tower mansions combine several factors that create a livable environment over the long term.
Various factors contribute to the resilience of a mansion’s asset value, including its location, structure, and management quality. Tower mansions, often developed by major developers, tend to possess these favorable conditions. While not all tower mansions maintain their asset value indefinitely, they generally depreciate less rapidly.

Are There Any Downsides to Tower Mansions?

Despite the convenience, comfort, and stable asset value associated with tower mansions, it’s important to acknowledge their downsides. Here are some disadvantages unique to tower mansions:

High Maintenance Costs

Tower mansions tend to have higher management fees and repair reserve funds compared to low-rise apartments. This is due to the extensive amenities and the associated maintenance costs.
Furthermore, the initial amounts for management fees and repair reserve funds may not remain constant. As the building ages, the costs for management and repairs increase, potentially leading to higher management fees and repair reserve funds.

Uncertainty in Future Financial Obligations

As relatively new constructions, it’s unclear how much expenses will be required for tower mansions in the future. As facilities deteriorate or shared facilities become underutilized, the future of tower mansions will gradually become clearer.
Nevertheless, it’s certain that a certain amount of expenses will be continuously necessary to maintain the facilities. Depending on the financial condition of the mansion and the costs associated with repairs, there may be instances where the repair reserve funds are insufficient, necessitating additional payments from residents.

Challenges in Management Association Operation

Tower mansions accommodate a large number of residents, resulting in a diverse composition of the management association. Some residents purchase units for personal residence, while others buy for investment purposes. There may also be individuals who want to use the unit as a second home.
While the management and self-governance of the mansion are primarily handled by the management association, having diverse interests and positions among its members can make consensus difficult.

Issues with Mobility During Power Outages

Elevators are essential within tower mansions. However, during power outages resulting from disasters, elevators cease to function. While staircases are always installed in tower mansions, living on higher floors, such as the 20th or 30th, can make using the stairs burdensome. Additionally, access to shared facilities within the mansion may become restricted. Mobility during power outages is a significant concern for those living in tower mansions.

Susceptibility to Earthquake Shaking

Especially on higher floors, residents may feel significant shaking during earthquakes. While tower mansions boast excellent seismic performance, the likelihood of the building collapsing or sustaining damage is low. However, there remains a possibility of furniture or other objects inside the units toppling over.

To mitigate the risk of shaking on higher floors, it’s advisable to choose tower mansions with vibration control structures. Such structures help reduce the intensity of earthquake shaking even on higher floors.

In conclusion

Every property has its advantages and disadvantages. While one property may excel in certain aspects compared to others, it also comes with its own drawbacks. When choosing a property, it’s important to carefully consider both its advantages and disadvantages in balance.

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