Common Concerns in
Real Estate Purchase

Do you have any
worries or requests?

I want to minimize other related costs for purchasing.

Up to free brokerage fees! No extra or hidden costs

At REDS, the brokerage fee is decided based on the transaction price, ranging from 1.65% + 33,000 JPY to 3.3% + 33,000 JPY or even free. Additionally, there are no extra costs. For example, when purchasing pre-owned properties priced at 50 million JPY, basically the brokerage fee would be 1,716,000 JPY with other related costs of approximately 250,000 JPY. So, you can save almost 2,000,000 JPY at maximum.

If you compare the total costs of buying or selling real estate, dealing with REDS is definitely the best choice.

I want to buy a property as inexpensive as possible.

All the properties could be offered with discounted or up to free brokerage fee!

All the properties could be offered with discounted or up to free brokerage fee!

At REDS, we can introduce all the properties that interest you, even if they are handled by other agents.

Please feel free to contact us about any properties you are interested in, such as those you see on flyers or online, or those that are currently being held at an open house. We will find the most suitable property for you.

I want to consult with a reliable real estate agent.

REDS agents are 100% licensed and experienced brokers!

REDS agents are 100% licensed and experienced brokers!

Purchasing a real estate property can be a big decision in your life. You will be relieved if you could consult with reliable professionals for sure. At REDS, our agents are 100% licensed and experienced brokers in real estate transactions.

Every single employee, as REDS agent, can ensure accountability for the quality of all services.

Additionally, many of our members are experts holding qualifications such as certified housing loan advisors and financial planners. This enables us to offer our customers a consistent support from beginning to end of the transaction.

I want to take my time and think at my own pace.

"Mimamori Chukai" is our business concept based upon customer-oriented transaction.
Viewing properties will be conducted on a basis of on-site meeting and dismissing.

"Mimamori Chukai" is our business concept based upon customer-oriented transaction.
Viewing properties will be conducted on a basis of on-site meeting and dismissing.

On visiting properties, we will meet and dismiss at the site, minimizing any unnecessary use of our clients’ time. All communication with clients is conducted through recorded emails, even phone call details are documented and stored.

Additionally, we offer the option to complete disclosure statements and contracts online.

I want to renovate my property at the time of purchase.

Saving on Costs with Renovation When Purchasing Your Property

According to our research, the majority of those who purchase pre-owned condominiums also undertake renovations. At REDS, we offer a one-stop renovation service that starts with licensed real estate professionals searching for properties and concludes with construction management experts performing final checks.

This ensures consistent after-sales service. You could save on costs and time coordinating renovation along with the real estate transaction.

I'm worried about Japanese real estate companies.

REDS is a 'Listed Company Group Affiliate'.
That's Why You Can Trust Our Support!

REDS is an affiliated company of Yamada Holdings, a company listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime.

We share the philosophy of 'Contributing to society with the highest quality and lowest prices'.

Utilizing our stable foundation, we provide consistent support, from affiliated housing loans to after-sales follow-up by making full use of our network of legal and tax experts.

REDS is the abbreviation of the English name for Real Estate Distribution System.

I don't want to make mistakes with my housing loan.

At REDS, agents with various qualifications will support you in choosing the most suitable housing loan!

At REDS, agents with various qualifications will support you in choosing the most suitable housing loan!

The best choice for a housing loan differs from customer to customer. It is also important to decide whether to choose a fixed or variable interest rate. REDS has many qualified agents such as housing loan advisors and financial planners, so we could recommend the best housing loan for our customers. Of course, we will introduce you financial institutions and support you for applying for a housing loan all free of charge.

Why can REDS offer discount
or free brokerage fees?




Only operated by agents with
real estate knowledge and experience,

Personnel costs

30% reduction



Cutting down on various advertising and operating costs,
including roadside stores and paper advertising,

Promotional expenses

50% reduction



In other words, all sales agents sorely
focus on customer-related jobs,

100% full power commitment


Therefore, it is possible to
return benefits
to customers without reducing
the quality of service.

Difference Between
REDS and Other Agents

At typical real estate agents


Brokerage Fee

Total brokerage fee:


Typical real estate agents

Example) In case the sales price is
50 million JPY

50 million JPY x 3.3% + 66,000 JPY
= 1,716,000 JPY



Brokerage Fee





Total brokerage fee:



Example) In case the sales price is
50 million JPY

If free

50 million JPY × 0% = 0 JPY

If discounted

50 million JPY × 1.65% + 33,000 JPY
= 858,000 JPY

See more details

At REDS, everything is completed with
one-stop service!
Please feel free to consult with us at anytime!

Property search

Housing loan procedures

After-sales service

Consultation on renovation


Are all of REDS agents really licensed brokers?

Yes, that's correct. At REDS, only agents of licensed broker of real estate are employed.

The brokerage fee is low, are there any additional costs or fees that I should be aware of?

There are no additional costs or fees.

While our brokerage fees are low, we do not receive any additional costs or fees.

We are committed to maintaining and even enhancing the quality of our services without compromising.

We look forward to hearing from you.

*Please note that in the event of finding the desired property and successfully entering into a purchase agreement, standard fees such as stamp duty for the contract, real estate registration fees, and various expenses related to obtaining a housing loan from a financial institution will apply, similar to other real estate companies.

Will you always give us discount or free brokerage fees for all properties?

Yes, the brokerage fees at REDS will be either free or discounted with all properties.

Will you do price negotiations on behalf of us, such as discounts?

Yes! Our experienced agents with abundant of knowledge will do their best in negotiation. However, this is not a very favorable situation for the seller, so we need to let the seller know in a positive way that you are willing to purchase at the desired price. That attitude increases the possibility of successful negotiations. Therefore, at REDS, we negotiate the price after receiving a written negotiation request from the customer with the desired purchase price.

Do you handle pre-owned properties?

At REDS, we handle both new and pre-owned properties.

Of course, there are no limits on handling prices.

Brokerage Fee Assessment Flow

Property has been decided already

Property has NOT been decided yet

If the property has been decided already,
simply copy and paste the property information and send!



Please select properties you are interested in from various real estate portal sites.

(Proceed to external sites.)



Please get either the URL of the page, the property name and price, or the property page image.

URL of the page
Property name (or address) and price
(e.g. R Mansion No. 702 52.5 million JPY)
Property page image
(property name and price information should be included)



Please return to this page and click "Brokerage Fee Assessment Form"



Please enter either the URL of the page containing the property information you wish to assess, the property name (or address) and price, or the property page image in "Brokerage Fee Assesment Form".



Please enter your contact address in "Brokerage Fee Assesment Form" and submit.



REDS agents will inform you of the brokerage fee for each property you selected.

No problem even if property has not been decided yet!
Please inform us of your criteria of requested property.

If property has not been decided yet, please select "Property has NOT been decided yet" at the beginning of "Brokerage Fee Assessment Form", and enter the criteria of requested property (type of property, location, size, price range etc.).